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Participants are required to form their own teams. This is best done by asking friends, roommates, neighbors, ward members, etc. to join together to form a team.

One member of each team needs to take the responsibility to purchase a team schedule during the team registration period. This is done by clicking on the 'Registration' Tab and selecting the sport(s) you would like to purchase. It is always best to purchase a team schedule as soon as possible - entries are limited. At the time of purchase a return time to select a specific team schedule will be sent via email. At the conclusion of the registration period, the person that purchased the schedule will come to our office (145 Richards Building) at the designated time to select a team schedule in the desired division and one that has dates and times that will work with your team. Instructions for adding players to your online roster are printed on each team schedule. A captain's meeting will also be held that will provide important information about Intramural Policies and Procedures. DO NOT purchase a team schedule if you are an individual wanting to join a team. Those who purchase a team schedule will be responsible to form their own team.

Registration for Singles/Doubles and Special Events are done in person at the Intramural Office - 145 Richards Building. Each event will have registration dates listed under the 'Event Calendars' Tab and the specific semester page. It is always best to register for these events as soon as possible as entries are limited. Before coming to our office to fill out the registration form, please ensure that each participant has previously filled out the Intramural Release Agreement. For those that need to pay the Intramural Activity Fee, this will also need to be done before registration. An entry form with a brief classification ranking questionnaire must be filled out and signed by each individual/team. A printed information sheet will be given to each individual/team with important tournament dates and policies.

Visit the Current Sports Tab and click on Game Schedules. For team sports, click on Regular Season during round robin play and click on Brackets during Elimination tournament play. Navigate the activity, division and team drop down menus to find your team's schedule. For Individual/Doubles events, click on Brackets and navigate the activity and division drop down menus to find your schedule.

Scheduled activities for each semester are found under the 'Event Calendars' Tab by clicking on a specific semester (Fall, Winter, Sp/Su). The audience, registration, and start dates are listed by row - adjacent to each Activity. An information sheet with policies, rules, and tournament dates can be accessed by clicking on the name of the Activity. Additional information for each team sport is also shared at the Team Captain's meeting. Participants are also welcome to visit (145 RB) or call (801-422-7597) our office for additional questions.

The Intramural program has several great employment opportunities. Most of our staff members begin as game officials or activity supervisors. Visit and click on the Student Jobs icon. Then search for Intramural Sports to find the current Intramural jobs available. Working for the Intramural program has many perks including: working with sports, competitive pay, flexible work scheduling, and great co-workers.